Sunday, 18 September 2011

Barbour Polarquilt jacket

this is new for the 2011 barbour range, its my first own barbour since i was a little girl when they were cheaper. Now i know ive been a bit harsh on barbour in the past, because i never really saw anything i liked in the range and compared to the quality of my other 2 quilteds from next, they werent even on par and cost double the amount.
I went to a garden centre earlier today and noticed they had quite a large barbour range, so, keeping up to date i had a browse and ive ended up returning with both a lambswool scarf for my boyfriend which was priced at £21.99 and my own barbour jacket, £99.95, Polarquilt.
The difference with this jacket? it has a fantastic fleece inner and a zip. its lightweight, feels lovely (rather than like plastic) its got a lovely matte finish aswell so it doesnt look super shiny and tacky in the light.
Its cheaper than all oft he other barbour jackets in the range too, apart from the bog standard quilted jacket that only has popper buttons and feels like youre wearing a bag. being honest.
This is the Navy colour. believe me, it does look black, but apparently its navy. it does say this on the barbour by mail website too so dont be completely fooled :)

The scarf is made of 100% lambswool, and unlike some itchy scarves, this one does nothing of the sort. Now, i know buying a guy a scarf doesnt seem amazing, but believe me, he steals my other scarves far too often so this might just solve the issue. arent i just great? <3

looks like im all set for winter anyway! its a fantasic jacket, and comes in navy or olive, however much
the navy is more practical :)