Saturday, 13 August 2011

♥ Chelsea Boots? Buy Riding Boots! ♥

Alright guys, ive noticed chelsea boots coming back onto the market once again and ive noticed the prices for these types of boots are absolutely extortionate!. So i figured, why not let you guys know a little secret.... this example from topshop:

The Ultimate Chelsea Boots £62.00

Now, my boyfriend of all people made me realise these are the fashion option, i didnt know they were even called chelsea boots until recent. As far as I'm concerned, these are jodhpur boots that us horse riders wear everyday to ride and muck out stables!
So, whats my point?  These topshop boots are £62 right?
Well. Believe me you can get them a whole bunch cheaper than these, with better soles, harder material and actually made of leather!
Go to a saddlery!

Let me show you these from an online trustworthy saddlery, this place has sales all the time, stores up and down the UK and has the largest range unless you go to the actual brands. 
These are their own brand Boots:
£23.00              Link

Believe me when i say. Equestrian boots will be by far better quality and better for the money, and in most cases cheaper. Shop around first!
some other well known equestrian brands are: Ariat, Shires, Rambo, Horsewear, Dubarry and hunter.

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  1. These are really pretty- I think it's really attractive to incorporate equestrian elements into an outfit. x