Friday, 12 August 2011

It's getting darker at night and chillier by the morning

Surely this can only mean one thing? we are finally getting into my favourite part of the year, autumn and winter. If you have followed my other blog previously, (minimakeup) you will know i started to get more into fashion, so ive remade a blog especially, and i recently made a post about my predictions for this years A/W style. 
MiniMakeup Blog

Well, my prediction still stands completely, however for a first post id love to share with you some items ive recently found which completely correspond with the predictions however they are what i personally would LOVE to see more of. Country Style!
as ive always been a horse girl, ive lived around the country for half my life, so really, country style is what i wear the most out of anything, but making the most of this is a pain in the backside when it comes to the summer! All the clothes i have are too warm to wear, and only look amazing layered. 
So A/W is the best time to make the most of the warm country feel, polos, quilted coats, chunky wellies, faux fur and flat peak caps. 
Lately ive noticed a few equestrian only brands going huge since last year, Barbour was a main brand but others such as tottie and Joules have come onto the fashion scene, and this year theyve got some great pieces in store.

Joules Mallard Jumper, in either Duck, Rabbit or Patch:  (duck shown)  £69.95
Joules Moredale Jacket (similar to barbour, comes in 4 colours - Mulled wine shown) £84.95
Joules Wellies (comes in colours and prints) £36.95
Barbour Classic Womens and Mens Quilted Jackets (prices start from around £80 upwards)

Rydale Tweed Belton Gilet £40

Joules Larcombe Military Polo shirt £79.95
Links to All the shops I have mentioned 

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